Achieving Calm and Tranquility During Lockdown


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In the troubling times the whole world is experiencing right now and for the foreseeable future, now there is no better time to make your home a sanctuary and a relaxation area you deserve. We at Owen Drew England pride ourselves on our ability to truly calm and cleanse not only your home, but your mind as well. Whether you are self-isolating and working at home or need a relaxed atmosphere to come home to, we have everything you need to make your space a sanctuary.

No matter how small your living quarters are, have faith in yourself to be able to create your own zen station wherever you need it to be. Self-isolating is your excuse to find your happy place to regroup and relax. This can mean different things for different people, there are no set rules to follow, do what works for you.

Scents or ‘smellness’ is going to be one of, if not, the most important aspect of turning your home into a sanctuary. We all work pretty hard on keeping the bad odours out but it is so much easier to keep the scents we want in. If you are new to home fragrance, we would recommend starting with Owen Drew’s most popular and signature scented candle - White Linen and English Lavender. This is the perfect place to start as the scent of lavender is renowned for its benefits to health and well-being. Most commonly used in aromatherapy, the fragrance from the oils of the lavender plant is believed to help promote calmness and wellness, which is exactly what is needed during long periods of isolation. It is also said to reduce stress, anxiety and even mild pain. Our candle is made with 100% natural lavender essential oil and has a wooden wick which gently crackles as it burns. The mixture of scent and sound from the candle is a treat for your senses, and will ultimately take you to that place of pure relaxation and mindfulness.

A simple yet effective way of securing that sanctuary feel to your home is making sure you use rooms for their purpose. For example, sleeping in a bedroom, eating in the kitchen, watching TV in the living room, and so on. If you're in a studio apartment or small space, section off your areas as best as possible. This is a matter of getting good habits in place to decrease the possibility of insomnia, overeating, etc. If living with family or sharing with others, your bedroom is probably going to be your go to place for relaxation. Owen Drew has many wellness products to make your room a space to escape to. We understand that many of you may be feeling overwhelmed and particularly anxious at the thought of self-isolating, so it is particularly important that you feel calm and relaxed enough to have a peaceful night's sleep. Our Calm Luxury room mist can be sprayed directly onto your pillow, or one spritz will fill the room of this beautiful fragrance. A wonderful mix of earthy Patchouli, vibrant Brazilian Orange, Ylang Ylang and Elemi with a touch of Lavender and cleansing pine oil., is guaranteed to give you sweet dreams. Pair with our luxury sleep masks to drift away from the chaos of the outside world.

Here are a few more tips you can do whilst self-isolating to transform your home:

Clean your house regularly - A fairly obvious one, we don’t recommend going overboard as this can cause stress and anxiety but making sure the kitchen, door handles, bathrooms etc. are regularly sanitised is an easy way to keep any nasties at bay. Sanitiser products can be extremely drying on your hands, use our Calm Luxury Soap, made from 100% natural shea butter and infused with Vitamins D, E and A to keep your hands nourished and protected.

Natural light - Let in as much sunlight as possible for at least a portion of the day. It boosts mood, health and comfort and can change the appearance and feel of a room.

Unplug - Shut off what you're not using, unplug what you don't use often. Also, don't forget to unplug chargers if they're not connected to anything. It's a matter of managing energy, spiritually and literally.

And last but not least keep yourself safe! Your home is the safest place to be and with a few of our touches it can really be your sanctuary. For more in depth advice on when you should self-isolate, the NHS are giving regular updates.










White Linen & English Lavender Candle

Relax and unwind with the beautiful aroma from our signature scent, White Linen & English Lavender.The perfect sleep aid, the calming aromas will help you de-stress and unwind whilst filling your home with the purest scent. The candle is made with 100% natural lavender essential oil. 

CALM Luxury Room Mist

A wonderful mix of earthy Patchouli, vibrant Brazilian Orange, Ylang Ylang and Elemi with a touch of Lavender and cleansing pine oil.

One spritz of this absolutely fills a room with beautiful fragrance.

Silk Sleep Mask

Made using only the finest Mulberry Silk, these super soft and luxurious sleep masks are designed to keep all incoming light away from your eyes and induce a state of pure darkness to help you get the perfect night's sleep.