The Greatest Love Story Ever Told…

With Owen Drew Luxury Candles...

“Two households, Montague and Capulet, both alike in dignity

In fair Verona where we lay our scene

From an ancient grudge a pair of star-crossed lovers take their life…”

Romeo and Juliet is undoubtedly the quintessential love story. Its fame as the most enduring tale of tragic love is still as strong as ever since it was first performed over 450 years ago.

Popular culture references, such as Taylor Swift's song about Romeo and Juliet or various interpretations by world cinema through the years, have only gained it the reputation as the greatest tragic love story ever, even for those who are hardly aware of the original play.

The plot revolves around star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet who belong to warring families of Montague and Capulet. Romeo is a lovelorn teenager, nursing his despondency over his one-sided love for Rosaline. The heartbroken hero's world turns topsy-turvy when he meets beautiful Juliet, so much so that his love for Rosaline is obliterated. Enraptured by Juliet's beauty, Romeo goes on to confess his undying love in their first meeting itself. Also struck by love at first sight; Juliet also gives in to his confession of love and even proclaims “you kiss like you've studied how.”

Ok, so the story doesn’t have a happy ending (when Juliet takes a sleeping potion and Romeo mistakenly thinks she is dead and swigs the poison himself…Juliet then wakes and kills herself with a dagger out of sheer grief!) but it still remains the greatest romantic stories ever written and one of Shakespeare’s most enduring tales...

Owen Drew have created a duo of unusual fragrances to honour Shakespeare’s most feted couple, Romeo and Juliet.

The star-crossed lovers have been immortalised in the stunning new Montague and Capulet candles which have been designed to burn simultaneously using a perfect symmetry of scents.


Inspired by the tale of true love at any cost, the Juliet inspired Capulet candle has been created using essence of Belladonna, the poison she drank to make herself appear dead on the eve of her forced marriage to Count Paris. Part of the deadly nightshade family the substance was widely used as a sleep aid in Medieval times. Romeo’s Montague candle uses notes of Italian truffle oil and wild Italian herbs native to the Veneto region where the story is set.

Owen Drew founder and Creative Director Drew Cockton commented, ‘I had been researching famous lovers from across history and the tragic tale of Romeo and Juliet really resonated with me. Its such a tragic tale but also an amazing account of finding true love against the odds. We are known for using some of the globe’s most unusual fragrances here at Owen Drew and so the challenge of blending deadly belladonna and subtle truffle notes into an exquisite pair of fragrances became a bit of an obsession over the past year or so.’

‘The Montague and Capulet fragrances are most definitely designed to burn simultaneously as they create a truly intoxicating ambience perfect for any true romantics this Valentines.’

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