Summer can be an incredibly exciting time. We freeze all winter and get rained on through spring in the hopes summer will make our dreams comes true. No matter where you are, or what you’re doing, the joy of summer is tantalisingly tangible. Your surroundings are filled with laughter and whimsy that only those hotter months can bring. However, for me summer isn’t just about blazing hot sun, although that’s always a nice addition, it is so much more. It’s a season for spending time with family and friends, exploring new places, or visiting those much-loved destinations that never get old. Summer provides a needed dose of relaxation, letting you live to the fullest, creating memories that last a lifetime.

It’s those special moments I wanted to capture in my latest collection. Fragrance has such a powerful link to memory that even the slightest scent can whisk you off down a long-lost path to times all but forgotten. A combination of sights and sounds filled with emotion, I have brought these elements into each of my candles. Whatever your style, my summer candles are guaranteed to lift your mood and fill your home with gorgeous fragrance.


Sicilian Lemon

Sicilian’s have a saying, “Lemons are not real lemons unless they’re Sicilian” and I couldn’t agree more. Made with only the finest essential oils produced by workers’ cooperatives, the Sicilian Lemon candle will fully invigorate your senses. This candle has a delightfully zingy scent but with a classic sweetness that Sicilian lemons embody. Just close your eyes and you will be transported to the countryside of Sicily. Imagine standing amongst the sun-drenched groves, lemons glistening with raindrops after a fresh summer shower. A lively yet delicate fragrance, you can almost feel the warmth of the early morning Mediterranean sun on your skin.

Valencian Grapefruit

Just a short trip along the Mediterranean and you arrive at the Valencian coast. Valencian grapefruit is the star of the show in this candle. Fresh and inviting, it’s a brilliant addition to any room of your home. The citrus aroma itself is a fantastic mood elevator and willhave you reminiscing over those trips away to sunny Spain. As well as that classic vibrant fruitiness, this candle has the floral woody notes of rosemary married with lively peppermint. Finished off with the sweet warmth of pimento chili, it’s a dazzling fragrance and the ultimate summer scent.



Anglesey is inspired by my childhood holidays at the seaside. The blissfully care-free attitude of a young child playing in the sand, running along the windswept shores and dipping my toes in the cool waters of the Irish sea. A home away from home, those idyllic trips were everything and more and I wanted to create a fragrance that represents those memories close to my heart. The perfect combination of ocean scents and refreshing breeze, this candle reflects the true natural wildness of the British Isles. Crisp notes of sea salt reminiscent of waves breaking against the rugged cliff side reveal earthy undertones of wood sage, giving this candle a more mature edge.

Aloe Vera & Cucumber

Finish off your summer with Aloe Vera & Cucumber. We all know that feeling after a long summer day, exhausted but a good exhausted, skin slightly tingling from the day’s adventures. After savouring every second of the sun and the sea, this fragrance is exactly what you need to soothe your body and mind. The perfect pick me up, it has that invigorating freshness that only aloe and cucumber can provide. An almost hydrating scent, just light this candle and relax in the calm and cool comfort of your home.

As with all Owen Drew candles, each one in this collection is hand-poured and made from 100% vegan-friendly soy wax. The unique wooden wick gently crackles in the background, enhancing your sensory experience in a way that only Owen Drew candles can - Your perfect Owen Drew moment.


Drew Cockton, Founder