Owen Drew welcomes “BLUSH”: a fifth addition to the Eau de Parfum collection

Owen Drew welcomes “BLUSH”: a fifth addition to the Eau de Parfum collection

Summer is a season like no other: excitement, energy, romance, adventure and possibility, all rolled into one. But what if those sensations weren’t unique to just one time of year? At Owen Drew, we’ve risen to the challenge of creating the never-ending summer; an experience to relive time after time. Meet Blush, our fifth Eau de Parfum.

Drew created this floral fragrance during one of his visits to the French hillside town of Grasse – the perfume capital of the world and home to the most prestigious perfume houses. There’s a strong belief among perfumers that Grasse is where the senses truly belong. After all, it’s where Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel designed her iconic No.5 perfume.

With Blush, Drew sought to create an olfactory experience like no other, selecting an enchanting, playful mix of notes that complement each other to create the ultimate feminine blend. Sweet top notes of freesia, violet, pink pepper, gardenia and tomato leaves meet the freshness of lily, jasmine, rose, orris, osmanthus and cyclamen – all of which are grounded by a sumptuous and heady base of musk, precious woods, amber, orchid and plum. 

It’s a hypnotic and uplifting concoction of scents to help you recreate the happy, carefree mood of the summer – that feeling that anything is possible. Captivating and refined, sensual yet refreshing, Blush now exists for you, with a celebration of alluring femininity that lingers on your skin long after sundown.

This femininity transcends the fragrance, extending to its stylish glass holder and gold-toned stopper, while our iconic pink packaging makes a beautiful first impression. Blush is the perfect gift for every person and every occasion (including you, on any given day). Wear during the summer months to enhance the magic, or spritz throughout the year for a feel-good season that never ends.

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