When we first heard about The Florist in Liverpool, I knew we needed to work together. Images of the venue were filling my Facebook and Instagram timeline. If their aim was to be the ‘most instagramable’ venue in the UK they had certainly achieved it. Indeed, the Daily Mail described it as one of the ‘most beautiful’ restaurants in the UK.

Creating a ‘sensory experience’ is the ethos of the business. Fresh flowers, beautiful furniture and interesting pieces of artwork all fill the venue from floor to ceiling in this splendid Georgian building on Hardman Street in Liverpool.

It really is no ordinary bar and restaurant. In fact, it’s fair to say that The Florist really is a feast for the senses. And this feast has been enhanced to include another sensory dimension - that of beautiful fragrances from Owen Drew. Not just any fragrances, but fragrances which compliment the sights, sounds and tastes of the venue.

As guests move from room to room, they’ll encounter different perfumes. Upon entering the building, they may be met with the delicate perfume of English Rose. They may decide to wander to ‘the snug’on the ground floor to enjoy a gin and tonic whereupon they are greeted with the fresh, clean scent of Aloe Vera & Cucumber. As they pass through the main bar before climbing the grand and sweeping staircase to the restaurant, they might notice the alluring scent of Owen Drew’s new Valencian Grapefruit filling the air.

The idea came to me whilst I was sitting and enjoying one oftheir signature cocktails “Roses on the Heath”. I suddenly thought how perfectly my English Rose candles would compliment it. My friend was sipping a Lemon cocktail and I realised that our Sicilian Lemon candle was the perfect accompaniment as well. So I approached the owners without delay and was delighted to discover they too were excited about a sensory collaboration.

In addition to this, we will be having our launch party for our Mediterranean Collection there in a few weeks. We also have other exciting things in the pipeline which I can’t reveal yet. Suffice to say, It’s very exciting to be working with this iconic Liverpool brand.



Drew x