Storytelling with Scent: How Owen Drew Created a Signature Scent for Liverpool’s Palm House

One of Liverpool’s most iconic landmarks has worked with local fragrance house Owen Drew have commissioned and designed a bespoke scent that evokes the spirit of the place. 

Sefton Park’s Palm House was built in 1896 when Liverpool millionaire Henry Yates Thompson gifted the sum of £10,000 to the city and was designed to house a selection of exotic plants from the four corners of the globe.

The Palm House recently hosted its annual Henry Yates Thompson Celebration Dinner on Saturday in honour of the Victorian benefactor and showcased the newly designed “PalmHouse by Owen Drew” fragrance on the night.

“We have followed Owen Drew’s work for some time and were impressed with their Port of Liverpool fragrance last year. We thought it would be a fitting tribute to Henry Yates Thompson’s vision and for everyone who enjoys visiting the Palm House, to have our own signature scent inspired by the botanical collection it houses” Roy Boardman, Director of the Sefton Park PalmHouse Preservation Trust explained.  

“I met with Drew Cockton from the Owen Drew earlier this summer to explain the brief. Drew then set about researching the history of exotic plants it has housed over the past century”.

Bougainvilleas, Jasmine, Bird of Paradise and Angel’s Trumpets are just some of the many exotic flora which grow in the glass building. After fine tuning, the finished product is unmistakably ‘Palm House’ with notes of gardenia, peonies, fig and sambac jasmine expertly blended together in harmony.