A highly moisturising elixir of essential oils designed to soothe body and mind and nourish the skin.
Available in fragrances:
Anglesey - This is a delicate scent, inspired by the windswept shores of Anglesey. Notes of fresh sea salt evoke waves breaking white against the rugged mineral cliffs whilst the scent of earthy, woody sage gives the fragrance a mature finish. 
Calm - A wonderful mix of earthy Patchouli, vibrant Brazilian Orange, Ylang Ylang and Elemi with a touch of Lavender and cleansing pine oil.
Mauritius Inspired by the tropical paradise of Mauritius, this fragrance is as exotic and luxurious as the name suggests. Notes of luxurious Mauritian Coconut, Madagascan Vanilla and creamy Almond envelop the senses with a scent unmistakably evocative of summer holidays whiled away on a tropical beach.
Sleep - A highly moisturising elixir of almond oil, jojoba oil and Lavender essential oil. Use as part of a bedtime routine to leave your skin beautifully soft and your mind calm and relaxed.
White Orchid - This rich scent is bursting with the most beautiful oriental florals including Turkish Rose, Indian Jasmine and White Orchids. These indulgent scents are underpinned with Fresh Mandarin, heady Bergamot and a hint of Honey.
Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Parfum
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