• 4 x Pack of Wax Melts


    Purchase any 4 sets of Owen Drew Wax Melts for £30!

    These highly scented wax melts will fill your home with luxurious fragrance for weeks. Simply pop one out and put in the top of an oil burner (pictured but not included) and enjoy as the beautiful perfume is gently released.

    Each wax melt pack comes in a set of 6. Total number of melts included in this offer is 24.

    Treat yourself to an Owen Drew Moment and use the hashtag #myowendrewmoment for a chance of winning a £25 candle this month! 

    These fragrances are our interpretation of the famous fragrances and have been designed to be similar in their notes to the famous brands. By labelling them as "Inspired by", we wish to make our customers aware that our products are not licensed by the designers nor are they or we affiliated to the companies which originally produced the scents. We do not wish to confuse, mislead or infringe any of the protected brands or trademarks.