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Settle in for a 'Winter of Wellness' with Owen Drew. 

This dreamy gift set contains everything you need to give yourself the self-care you deserve during the difficult winter months. 

Feel energized with our Awaken wax melts, create an uplifting and relaxing space with our Calm candle and settle into slumber with our beloved Dream mist.  

Awaken Wax Melts - Created by aromatherapists to energise your mind, body and soul, Awaken envelops your home with the scent of Rosemary, carefully blended with invigorating Peppermint to boost your mood, cleanse your mind and leave you with feelings of positivity and gratitude. It's time to rise and shine and live your best life!


Calm Candle -  Designed by aromatherapists to promote Relaxation and tranquillity, our enchanting Calm fragrance blends vibrant Brazilian Orange, oriental Ylang-Ylang and precious Elemi infused with the aroma of earthy Patchouli, soothing Lavender and cleansing Pine to help you escape every day and sink gently into peacefulness.


Dream Room Mist -  Set the scene for slumber with our Dream fragrance. Notes of Lavender Essential Oil – used in aromatherapy for centuries because of its sleep and relaxation-promoting properties - complement the smoky sweetness of Tonka Bean, whilst rich, honey-like Ylang Ylang unfolds into the soft, milkiness of Chamomile.

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