Making the most of Owen Drew Candles as summer comes to an end.

As the sun-soaked days of summer begin to wane, the gentle glow of candles becomes increasingly appealing. Owen Drew candles, with their exquisite fragrances and craftsmanship, are the perfect companions to usher in the autumn season. We are exploring how to make the most of these candles as summer ends.

  1. Choose Season-Transitioning Scents

While summer scents are often fresh and vibrant, and autumn fragrances evoke warm and cosy atmospheres, there are some fragrances that beautifully bridge the two seasons, opt for candles that have heavy base notes and floral high notes like our Opium Noir. This gives a perfect mix of sun-ripened freshness and autumnal warmth.

  1. Outdoor Evening Entertainment

With the night’s drawing in, but still mild enough to be outdoors, it's the perfect time for garden parties or dinners. As the sun sets, light a few Owen Drew candles to create an enchanting ambience. Their glow will complement the starry night and their fragrance will blend seamlessly with the fresh outdoor air.

  1. Candlelit Bath

As the days get slightly cooler, it's the best time to indulge in a warm bath. Light some Owen Drew candles, perhaps our Dream candle with notes of lavender and chamomile and let the stresses of the day melt away. The flickering candlelight combined with the soothing scents makes for the ultimate relaxation experience.

  1. Create a Cosy Reading Nook

Transform a corner of your living space into a cosy reading nook. Arrange a comfy chair, a stack of your favourite books and a couple of Owen Drew candles. The gentle aroma and ambient lighting will create the perfect atmosphere to get lost in a good book.

  1. Dinner by Candlelight

Whether it's a romantic dinner or just a regular mealtime, elevate the experience by ditching the bright lights and dining by candlelight. Owen Drew candles not only add a touch of luxury, but our fragrances can enhance the sensory experience of your meal. For instance, our Marrakech candle with its rich notes of oud and Bulgarian rose can pair perfectly with a hearty late summer meal.

  1. Enhance Morning Meditations

As summer ends, the importance of self-reflection and preparing for the changes ahead can't be understated. If you have a morning meditation or mindfulness practice, incorporate Owen Drew candles into this routine. Our Awaken fragrance can help focus your mind and set a calm tone for the day.

Owen Drew candles are more than just sources of light and fragrance. They are experiences waiting to unfold. As summer fades, make the most of these luxurious candles to create memories, ambiance, and warmth. Embrace the transition and let us illuminate the path from summer to autumn.

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All beautiful products. Love the Marrakech. Owen Drew is so talented. Thank you.

Christine O'Neill February 15, 2024

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