We are a niche, luxury fragrance brand based in the North West of England producing natural soy wax candles, soy wax melts and luxurious room mists. Each and every product is made entirely by hand using traditional artisan methods to deliver products of unparalleled quality and craftsmanship.

The business was founded by then financial services manager, Drew Cockton, in the Summer of 2016 after he began crafting soy wax candles at the kitchen table of his Wirral home. “I hated how dirty paraffin wax candles were and the damage they were causing to my home with their sooty deposits and I decided home fragrance could and should be better, so I began crafting my own from natural soy wax, essential oils and a wooden wick. My candles burned beautifully, evenly and didn’t give off the same fumes and toxins as mass-produced products”.

After demand for Drew’s products exploded, he quit his career in financial services and was joined by his partner Michael to launch Owen Drew properly and to take their cottage industry to the next level. Now in our sixth year of business and after receiving investment on BBC Dragons’ Den in 2021, we are ready to bring our handmade wood-wick candles to the masses and share the secret of our success: natural candles, made with love, care and attention.