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Mademoiselle Candle and Mademoiselle Wax Melt + Burner £45 (RRP £51.50)


Show your Mum just how much you care with this wonderfully indulgent gift set consisting of a luxurious handmade candle and wax melt gift set.


Mademoiselle Candle and Wax Melt -  Say 'Bonjour' to fan favourite, Mademoiselle. Sparks of fresh, vibrant Mandarin awaken the senses before revealing the delicate, floral scents of White Jasmine and Turkish Rose. A warm base of Patchouli, Vanilla and earthy Vetiver lend Mademoiselle a sophisticated and mature finish. Envelop your surroundings in this iconic, luxurious fragrance.


Burner -  Luxury Ceramic Oil Burner to be used for our wax melts. Add a tea light underneath and a wax melt on the top. Never leave a burning candle attended.

Size: 8cm by 7cm (Colour May Vary)

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