Drew Cockton, founder
I started Owen Drew in the summer of 2016. I Iove all of our products but my favourite is our Dream fragrance, particularly the Dream Mist. My whole life I have suffered with anxiety and stress and I find that sleep is so very important to me. If I ever feel overwhelmed, I have a warm bath, spritz my bedroom and bedding with Dream Mist and then have a snooze for a few hours. 
Mike Skeggs, Operations Director 

I have been with Owen Drew from the very beginning. Drew and I would stage Christmas markets in our living room and invited strangers to buy the products we were up making late the night before! What a journey it has been! 

My Owen Drew Moment is enjoying a glass wine with a Mademoiselle candle burning and the radio playing quietly in the background. Nothing beats it! 

Melissa Johns, Manufacturing Manager 

I started working for Owen Drew in October 2018 as a young apprentice and have been there ever since!  Choosing a favourite product is difficult but I would say our ‘Marrakech’ candle is my favourite. It smells like luxurious oils and Oud (one of my favourite scents) , and reminds me of our gorgeous original Eau de Parfum which holds some very special memories for me.

Owen Drew Moments are a key part of my self care routine. I love lighting my Marrakech candle before slipping into a warm bath and using our ‘White orchid’ soap. I leave smelling amazing, and just before bed I spritz my bedding with our Dream Mist before falling into a peaceful nights sleep!

Liberty Dempsey, Marketing Apprentice

I am Drew's niece and joined as an apprentice last year. 
My 'Owen Drew Moment' is lighting some Owen Drew Candles or Wax Melts after I have tidied my house. The fragrance throw is amazing and fills the house, making it all cosy which is perfect for the autumn nights rolling in on us.

Carl, Manufacturing Operative. 

I started on the production line in October 2021, making all of the Owen Drew products with love, care and attention. My favourite fragrance is Opium Noir because I find the smell is unique and not too overwhelming. My Owen Drew moment is when I'm relaxing in the bath with my Owen Drew wax melts burning. The fragrance makes me feel calm and relaxed after a busy day in work. 
Anita White, Sales Assistant

I started my journey as a customer and loved the products so much, I asked Drew for a job! I knew Owen Drew was a special business and I wanted to be part of it. I love getting to know our customers and being a part of their journey with us. It always makes me smile to see familiar faces. My Owen Drew Moment would have to be lighting a Calm candle on a Saturday night after a busy week and enjoying a takeaway! 
Julie Limb, Sales Assistant
I have loved Owen Drew products from the beginning and once held a candle party in my house - that's how I met Drew and Mike! I adore all of the products but for me, there is something very special about English Lavender and White Linen. The aroma it gives off fills my home and makes me feel so relaxed! My Owen Drew Moment is lying in bed, watching my favourite film with a candle burning - an Owen Drew one, of course! 
Leigh D'Arcy, Social Media Expert
My company started working alongside Owen Drew in September 2022 to create content of the luxury product ranges.
My favourite product is the English Lavender and White Linen Candle; the aroma of lavender always soothes me, mixed with the scent of fresh laundry thanks to the linen - it's the perfect combination for someone who's ideal holiday is a quaint English cottage with surrounding gardens and a heritage aesthetic.
My 'Owen Drew Moment' is using the room mists to spritz my hallway just before any guests arrive and watching their reactions when they notice the inviting and relaxing scents of my home.

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